I’m upset right now because I took a dumb quiz that told me how dateable I am and it said that I’m a “total catch” but I’ve never had a boyfriend or anything and I’ve never had a guy tell me that he likes me before and it’s such a dumb and trivial thing to be upset about but I’ve been incredibly lonely lately and I’ve basically been by myself inside for a month and everything in life is shit



Okay, so let’s beggin.

For beggining of our romantic tale, we need to be single right. :)

We are single and we want extremely someone to be our boyfriend.

Day by day, this summer has no story, and your friends call you to hang out with them. Because you hadn’t anything to do and you were bored…


ur thinking the right way! and who knows someone could be crushing on u right now and u dont know it!!!

  • Conservative Religious Parents: Tumblr is the work of Lucifer, everyone on that site worships Satan it's pure evil!!!
  • me: *snort* yeah right
  • me: *reblogs Reno and Belial fanart*
  • me: *catches up on Satan and Me*
  • me: *sighs wistfully at Bara Demon and Guy*


the high council of cop-outs and prime minister of unproductivity


"Yaoi a go go"


im not sure I feel like Kenma is the type to get flustered with girls…